Is Life Really Easier Being Beautiul?

I know, I know, the grass is always greener on the other side. How you look inevitably effects everyone’s life in some way. How we feel that we look effects our self esteem, our attitude, our treatment of other people, our treatment of ourselves. Everyone wants to be beautiful don’t they? But I see just as many average and underaverage looking people who are happy, in healthy relationships, with good jobs, etc. I also see a lot of fucked up so called beautiful people. I, for one, hate that I have a hard time with men acting like pigs. Everywhere, all the time.

I am going through a very hard time in my life right now. This “friend” called me and offered me a roommate situation supposedly because my friendship has meant so much to him. Before even considering it, I informed him that where I live must be my safe haven. There would be no touchy, touchy. I would not accept being disrespected in any way. He has solicited and tried to molest me since the moment I arrived. After one whole day I am again packing my shit and moving on.

As far as finding employment…there are 3 situations.

1. The person hiring is female. I don’t get the job.

2. The person hiring is male. I don’t get the job because I won’t sleep with him.

3. The person hiring is male. I don’t get the job because hiring me would piss off his wife.

Moral of the story is…I don’t often get the job.

I will keep you posted as to how things go from here. Wish me luck. I have to go have some Crab Legs at Joe’s Crab Shack. Duty calls…


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