Dinner with a Stranger

Did I mention that I was an escort? I spent my day in solitude shut up in my bedroom. At the very last moment I jumped in the shower and rushed to make it to my 6pm appointment…my one and only engagement tonight.  $1000 to spend the entire nights starting with a steak dinner at Charlie’s  Steakhouse and proceeded on through the evening and amazingly enough I managed to consistently come up with witty and intriguing conversation even if there my nerves were on edge. And when I say consistently, I pretty much mean I was most definitely talking too much.  When I’m stressed out I can be quite the chatty patty.


And now I lay here listening to the sounds of male snoring after watching Alvin and the Chipmunks 4. I spent three days on set as an extra, but my impressive skill at acting like a sleeping woman on a plane ended up on the cutting room floor. But I know I was there and that’s what matters.  And my little girl was so proud that her mommy was in the chipmunk movie even if it wasn’t my claim to fame. As long as I don’t screw it up, my day of success could be right around the corner. At this point my success will have to be huge though, 10x bigger than my failure, to matter in anyone’s eyes.

Once I did bad and of that I heard ever, twice I did good…And that I heard never


And if all else fails there”s always California…


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