Over Again

There is a part of me that needs to share my inner most thoughts but the brutal content of my existence has been looking for an opening to reveal itself . I am a recovering, “you name it I’m recovering from it” atheist addict who makes a living as a high end escort. My family shames me emotionally by just the essence of my common genetic pool. My children are a volatile force of guilt, remorse, and heartbreak for which I am totally responsible. Not one romantic relationship has been a healthy one…emotionally and often physically in addition to the abuse I inflict regularly all by myself. And as once again I lose everything I’ve worked to acquire for the umpteenth time, I have a desire to reach out, not for sympathy but human interaction as I work through all of my misery. Lessons learned are either shared or forgotten and if forgotten they must be learned once more. My hope is not to forget. So I offer my story to the world and release myself from humiliation and fear by using a fictitious name so I can tell you my painful truths and reveal my darkest secrets. Maybe someone will relate. It seems we are all constantly recovering from something. This is my life in a blog. This is my attempt at redemption.



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